Fun and friendly waiting rooms

As a children's dental practice it's important that we have a waiting room that is enjoyable for both parents and children to wait in while they are waiting for their appointments. We like the furniture to be bright and colourful as well as being very durable — these kids sure love to climb. We need to keep it super clean as well so we have a hygienic environment for the practice. We are always updating the furniture to keep it look new and interesting for patients. This blog is all about waiting room furniture for children's dentists and medical practices.

Answers to Your Questions About Custom Cabinetry


Adding custom cabinets to your kitchen or bathroom can make the space uniquely your own, and ensure that you have all the storage your home can offer. They can also be the only choice you have when your kitchen or another space is oddly shaped or you're trying to work around oversized appliances or other personalized features. Note a few questions you might have about custom cabinetry and then discuss these with your contractor.

1. Can custom cabinets really take advantage of every "dead space" in a room?

Custom cabinets can be the best option for working around odd angles or for taking full advantage of those small spaces between your cupboards and your appliances, but note that even the best contractor may have some limits. For example, the area behind your refrigerator may need a certain amount of clearance for air circulation so that the motor doesn't get too warm and wear out. The same is true when installing cabinets over your kitchen's stove top; there may be a certain clearance needed to protect the cabinets from heat, food splatter, and the like. Talk to your cabinetmaker about all your options but don't assume that every single open area of a kitchen, bathroom, or workroom can be covered in cabinetry.

2. Can I provide my own handles and pulls for the custom cabinets?

You may want to use your own handles and pulls for a variety of reasons; you may have found unique door handles or drawer pulls at an antique or salvage shop, or you may have ones from an old renovation project that can be used. Very often a custom cabinetmaker can use these items but be sure to discuss the option with him or her well in advance of the project. Pulls and handles are not all alike and holes need to be drilled properly for their measurements. In some cases, extra bracing needs to be put in the back of the cabinets or drawers to support their weight.

3. Are custom cabinets Eco-friendly?

If you're worried about how the  materials you choose for your custom cabinets may impact the environment, talk to your cabinetmaker. He or she may be able to use recycled pieces of wood at least for some parts of the cabinets. You might also use less wood by having open cabinets and shelving. Glass fronts can be made with recycled glass. Whatever your concerns about using virgin materials, your cabinetmaker may be able to give you more choices than you realize, so don't hesitate to bring up the subject with him or her.

Contact a local professional, such as Kurt Sander Ltd, for more information. 


15 January 2016